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Water Color Studio Ltd. established at 2011 in Warsaw. The company - there are primarily people. At Water Color Studio Ltd. met experienced professionals from television and film industry. We work in a team as a consortium of three companies. Achievements of all members of the team consists of our operations and Company. Here's our group:

Sławomir Jóźwik Sławomir Jozwik CEO
Sławomir Jozwik established own first independent company at 1994. He id He is a producer, co-author and executive of many documentaries, educational programs, entertainment, TV series and movies. In the company he is engaged as a projects development supervisior and he is responsible for their implementation. The achievements of film and television here:
Andrzej Wyszyński Andrzej Wyszynski Member of the Board
Leszek Andrzej Wyszynski is an experienced producer and originator of many programs, serials and movies. He is in the Company responsible for the creation of new ideas, formats, and purchases of licenses and management of copyright. The achievements of film and television:

Beata Pisula Beata Pisula
(Dione Film Ltd.)
Producer/International Affairs/CFO
An experienced production manager and producer of television and film. He has both the production of TV serials and large film productions - including international. In our consortium is responsible for international projects and for the production and financial affairs. The achievements of film and television here:
Monika Jóźwik Monika Joywik (Dione Film Ltd.) Producer/PR/Casting Director
TV journalist. For several years, the television and film producer. He has had a successful production of the historical series for TVP. Developing new projects. In our consortium deals mainly with matters PR and care for casting feature film projects. Professional achievements:
Maciej Szelachowski  Maciej Szelachowski
(Sephirot.com Ltd.)
Producer/Head of Special Effects
He is an experienced producer and director of many television programs, films and broadcasts educational and nature films, which often arose with spectacular use of animation and special effects. In our consortium he is responsible for the production of special effects in our projects. He is intensively developing this type of our business. Producing and artistic achievements:
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